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Vintage Gift Guide for Reconsidered Home

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Happy Holidays everyone!  We are now in the throws of the season and in the midst of the holiday gridlock at the malls. How about you take a break and check out our holiday offerings. We try to post as much as we can in our online shop, but there is plenty more to explore here on the weekends.  

Here are a few ideas of what we have in the store.

Russell Wright pottery varying from $18-$75

Handmade 100% Beeswax candlesticks made by local artisan Jodi Lenz.  $10 for a pair!


Unique driftwood mini sculpture $60

Great stocking stuffers! Vintage tea towels $6 each and Mexican writing pens $3 each

Etched glass ice bucket $45   Chrome penguin ice bucket $45  Chrome sugar and creamer $18  Etched glass martini mixer $35 Etched glass martini pitcher $32 

Melo candles are all natural soy candles that are hand poured into vintage pottery and glass.  Prices vary from $22-$10

And if you are in the market to really wow your loved ones...

This original Paul McCobb has been reupholstered to perfection!  It also splits into two couches which makes it very versatile.  $2,500

And that wraps up our gift guide here at Reconsidered.  Enjoy the weekend! xo Martha