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First blog post - ever

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Welcome! We have finally launched a blog for our brick and mortar shop Reconsidered Home. We are a vintage furniture store located in Media, Pa and it has been a true delight being a part of our tiny town and discovering new friends and a few characters along the way. 


It all started with an interest (read: obsession) in mid century homes; window walls, vaulted ceilings, retro light fixtures, furniture, art, decor, and the list goes on. The rest is history, and here we are, peddling our wares and making an established fixture here in Media for all things mid-century design. We have enjoyed working with our local customers as well as being a liaison for those who don’t live so close by. Our little shop has been a revolving door of treasures and interesting characters to say the least and the blog is our platform to share our daily happenings and adventures here at Reconsidered.  So please check back often and enjoy the ride with us! xo, Natalie and Martha