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Reconsidered: Homecrest Lounge Chair and Ottoman

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Have you ever been in search of that perfect chair to fit in the corner next to your window, and it has to match everything else that you already have?  It is harder then you realize when you are looking for something specific especially when it comes to a mid-century piece that is timeless in design, but unfortunately the fabric leaves something to be desired.  Either it has been chewed up by a dog or left to rot in a basement, or it is in pristine condition with the most offensive hot orange upholstery you could imagine.  We have already been accustomed to reupholstering when needed here at the shop, bringing sofas and lounge chairs back to their former glory.  From time to time, we see a chair that needs love, but when given the opportunity, would love to work with the customer on fabric consultations.  We our outsourcing the reupholstery so that you don’t have to find one elsewhere.  Based on the project, this can be very reasonable for the unique piece that you always wanted here at Reconsidered.

(Sorry for the color correction issues.  It was really bad lighting where I took the picture.)

(Sorry for the color correction issues.  It was really bad lighting where I took the picture.)


I had a blast with our first project to find new fabric for this vintage Homecrest chair.  The frame was awesome and unusual with a tip of the hat towards a Herman Miller style, but the fabric was a white linen with stains and tears.  Our customer fell in love with it and was excited to work with me to find the perfect fabric for her new (old) chair.  

I must say this chair cleaned up real nicely and I had an enjoyable experience with the customer. Projects like this are so fun and sparks innovation in something from the past. Reconsidering an old chair is worth it when you give it a second chance.   Xo, Martha