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Summer Obsession- Peshtemal

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Summer Obsession - Peshtemal!

It's July, and we are smack dab in the middle of the hot summer months in Media, PA. To us, summer means traveling to beaches, pools, lakes, and parks. We have the ultimate summer accessory in store - Turkish bath towels, aka peshtemal!

Peshtemal are traditional flat-woven towels used in hammams (Turkish baths). They are hand woven, 100% cotton - but more importantly - they are very absorbent, quick drying and stylish. We love using peshtemal as beach blankets and towels, sarongs, and as throws to curl up on our favorite chair or comfy couch.

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

Peshtemal also make great gifts - they can be used as table runners or as a perfect gift for mothers and their new babies. They are soft and roll up perfectly for traveling and are far less bulky than bath and beach towels.

Stop by 15 E. State Street and pick up a peshtemal today for your next summer outing!